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The removal of dents from brass instruments

Dent removal is a central area for every brass instrument maker in the context of repairs. It takes many years for a craftsman to reliably master all techniques and to be able to use them flexibly. Furthermore, you need a variety of special tools to remove dents from diffrent instruments like trumpets, trombones, french horns, tenor horns or tubas.

Removing dents is always an exciting task for us. No dent or fall damage is the same. That's why it's an interesting challenge every time to restore each brass instrument to its original condition.We always try to proceed in such a way that no additional marks or scratches remain on the instrument. This is often possible, but unfortunately not every time.

Repair examples of damage on various brass instruments

and the result after dent removal.

When the trumpet is on the window sill and the wind pushes the window open :-)

A cornet that fell on the street after the performance.

A trumpet that has already suffered a few falls in its life :-)

A baritone horn which slipped out of the hand of the student of a school band.

A tuba that is finally dent free after many years of use.



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