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F-Bogen für Wiener Horn von PETERSIK Instruments


Our F-crooks for YAMAHA and JUNGWIRTH Vienna horns, which were developed in close cooperation with professional musicians, are characterized by excellent response and more ease in the high register. The development goal was to give Vienna horn players more precision and control over their instrument without changing the unique Viennese horn sound. This new generation of F-crooks would not have been possible without the dedication, expertise and experience of Thomas Jöbstl, horn player of the Vienna State Opera and Vienna Philharmonic. With his profound knowledge of the instrument and his passion for the sound of the Vienna horn, he has been instrumental in achieving improved playability.



Material and scale

Our crooks are made from a special brass alloy that has been identified as the best after many years of testing with many professional musicians. This alloy is available in wall thicknesses from 0.35 to 0.5 mm and the scale curves are optimized for Yamaha or Jungwirth horns.

F-Bogen für Wiener Horn von PETERSIK Instruments

Hand forged brace

Our handmade forged brace, which we produce in our workshop with great attention to detail, improves tone stability and gives your sound more projection.

HAndgeschmiedete Stütze einesF-Bogen für Wiener Horn von PETERSIK Instruments
Mundstückaufnahme eines F-Bogens für Wiener Horn von PETERSIK Instruments

Mouthpiece receiver

Different materials influence the playing characteristics. With a choice between brass and nickel silver, we give you the opportunity to choose the option that best suits your playing style.

F-Bogen für Wiener Horn von PETERSIK Instruments

crook receiver

Our crooks are made with two different receivers, suitable for Yamaha or Jungwirth instruments.

Where and how can I test the F-crooks?

You have the possibility to test our F-crooks in our workshop with a personal consultation. Additionally, some Austrian instrument makers have our crooks in stock. We also organize selections for instance at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna or regularly participate in exhibitions in Austria. If you prefer, we can also send you a selection of 3-5 crooks to try out at home after a short phone consultation. Contact us for more information!


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