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In our brass workshop on the outskirts of Berlin, we take care of all your instrument needs. Whether maintenance, repair, modification or general overhaul, your brass instrument is in the best hands with us!

The valves on your trumpet are not moving? The slide on your trombone is stuck? Your horn is damaged because it fell down? The tuning slide on your tenor horn is blocked? Your tuba has a big dent?

COME BY AND VISIT US, we will find a solution!

Ultraschallreinigung von Blechblasinstrumenten

Maintenance and service

- flexible and uncomplicated -

We carry out small repairs immediately if possible. For all other service work and cleanings, we strive to have your brass instrument ready to play again as quickly as possible. With an appointment you can pick up your instrument within 1-2 days.

Make an appointment online now to have your instrument inspected!

Wartung von Blechblasinstrumenten
Ausbeulen von Blechblasinstrumenten

Bumps and

- We take care -

A dent in your instrument? No problem!

With our modern processing methods, it is possible to leave very few to no traces when removing a dent from your brass instrument!

Convince yourself of our work in our blog!

Reparatur von Blechblasinstrumenten
Restauration von Blechblasinstrumenten

Restorations and
General overhauls

- from old to new -

If your trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, etc. is getting on in years, a general overhaul or restoration can be worthwhile! The costs for this are usually significantly below that of a new purchase.

Let us advise you during a visit to our workshop and get a quick and free quote!

Generalüberholung von Blechblasinstrumenten
Trompete neu versilbern

Surface coating
and finishing

Should it be clear, gold, matt or antique lacquer or even a galvanic coating such as silver or gold plating? There are no limits to the design ideas!

A new technology makes it possible for us to recoat defective or worn areas on silver and gold-plated instruments at a reasonable price!

HERE an example!

Trompete Versilberung
Sonderanfertigung von Blechblasinstrumenten

Modifications and
Special designs

- As individual as you -

We are happy to take care of individual ergonomic adjustments, the retrofitting of a trigger, adjustments of the playing behavior, sound optimization, etc.

We look forward to advising you on the numerous options.

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