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Repair with new silver plating

Many a trumpet accompanies its musician for a lifetime. Unfortunately, one or another accident can happen during this time. In the case of this old Reynolds Bb trumpet, it was a falling accident. Traces of a previous repair were clearly visible. The damaged silver plating and some open soldered joints were now to be renewed as part of an overhaul.

Reparatur und Überholung eine Trompete mit neuer Versilberung in Berlin

Although it doesn't seem that complicated at first, the whole instrument had to be soldered apart. This is the only way to completely clean and reassemble old and porous solder joints. If the old solder were left on the instrument, each individual joint would only have a short half-life. Furthermore, dent removal and polishing work can be carried out much better when the instrument is disassembled.

After the trumpet was reassembled, all soldered joints were cleaned and the final polishing was done. Afterwards, the old Reynolds received a new galvanic coating with silver.

As part of the restoration work, the trumpet received an intensive internal cleaning in an ultrasonic bath. With such an overhaul, nothing will stand in the way of making music in the years to come!



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