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Repair, general overhaul or restoration of an old trumpet?

General overhauls of trumpets are not uncommon for a brass instrument maker. Here, the beloved treasures are restored to almost new condition in order to serve the musicians very well for many more years. The reasons for such an extensive repair can be very diverse. In this case, it was an heirloom that the Berlin musician wanted to breathe new life into.

Is the general overhaul of an old trumpet worth it?

Yes, if the quality and condition of the instrument allows it. But of course it can also happen that the substance is so bad that it is no longer possible. Another reason that speaks against a general overhaul is the price-performance question. If the repair costs exceed the actual value of the instrument, it is usually no longer worthwhile. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. If, for example, it is the trumpet on which one has played since one's youth or has been bequeathed it as an heirloom, there may be a special emotional connection that justifies a general overhaul.

Awakened from its slumber

After the rotary trumpet had not been used for many years, there were numerous repair sites. In its active times, the trumpet also had to survive various overturns and falls. As can be seen in the pictures, there were some deep dents. The entire body of the trumpet was badly warped and had to be straightened. Not a single slide could be moved and some solder joints were open. All in all: not a little work :-)

After many hours of refurbishing, the instrument shines in new splendor. No rattling, no musty smells and no dents are left. The trumpet works and looks like the first day!

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