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General overhaul of a trumpet

Time and again, musicians come to my workshop with brass instruments that they have played since they were young. Some continue to use it regularly, others only have it in their cupboard as a souvenir. This "WELTKLANG" trumpet had been lying around for many years and was rarely played. One day, the "old lady" was picked up again and the trumpeter was able to recall many wonderful experiences with music and this instrument.

After the "old love" was rekindled, the Berlin musician came to me in the workshop to give his instrument, with which he associates so much, a little "beauty treatment". Despite very good care, the rotary valve trumpet had numerous scratches, small dents and defective solder joints. The mechanics had also suffered from years of use. Almost all bearings and valve guides had play and were worn out. All these problems were to be solved within the framework of a general overhaul. Furthermore, the musician wanted the trumpet to finally receive a clear lacquer finish. Until now, the unvarnished instrument had to be polished by hand.

General overhauls are the most extensive and time-consuming repairs that can be carried out on a brass instrument. Here, the instrument maker strives to make the instrument look like new again. The particular challenge here is to preserve as much of the existing substance as possible. If it is not a case of severe damage from a fall or other extreme accidents, a brass instrument can even receive several general overhauls in the course of its life.

After a few weeks of waiting, the Berlin trumpeter was able to receive his instrument, shining in new splendour. The first moment when the case opens after the extensive repair is always a very special one. Many are very surprised and happy how beautiful their old instruments have become. When, as an instrument maker, you accompany the entire "transformation process" during a general overhaul in every detail, it is sometimes difficult to remember how the instrument once looked. For me, it is the before and after pictures that surprise me!



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